Why self-storage is better than your old attic

This post originally appeared on a storage website and can be seen here.

The attic is probably the most packed and most neglected room in your house. Of course, that’s if you’re lucky enough to have one. It’s tempting to simply ram it full of stuff that you might need on a rainy day or that you’ll simply sort out later. The same goes for your garage. Nowadays, it’s used less for parking cars and more for storing your old clothes and valuables.

But it might not be a good idea to store your things in your garage or attic. We’re going to take you through some reasons why you should consider a self-storage unit over a dusty old attic or greasy garage.

You might not have one

This is a really obvious one, but if you don’t have an attic or garage then you clearly don’t benefit from the extra storage space these can offer! A self-storage unit can offer you the extra space you need as your family grows or home life changes. There are many different sizes of storage unit available, so you only have to pay for the extra space that you need. Additionally, there are self-storage units found all over the place, so your unit doesn’t have to be far from home.

It’s safe and secure

There’s a big thing that a self-storage unit has which your attic or garage cannot boast – 24-hour security. We’re talking CCTV cameras, burly security guards and maybe even guard dogs. Now I’m not sure about you, but my garage certainly doesn’t have a guard stood outside it 24/7.

It can be wherever you want

Because there are self-storage units all over the country now, if you find yourself between two places (like uni halls and your hometown) then a storage unit can save you the long trip to move your belongings between both. For instance, if you’re a student and you’re moving home for the summer, it will be much easier to keep your stuff in storage for those few months close to your uni, instead of having to drag it all back to your parents’ home. Plus, they’ll probably be grateful that your stuff is locked away somewhere other than their living room!

It’s not damp, dusty or greasy

You’ll never really fully understand how awful damp belongings can be until they’ve been left in an attic or garage for a while. The smell alone can ruin clothes. Luckily for you, self-storage units are nice and dry, so your stuff isn’t going to smell of mildew. This can be especially important for valuables like antiques which you’ll want to keep in tip-top shape. Likewise, textbooks are hard enough to read when they’re in great condition, so imagine what they’ll be like once some damp has got to them.

The same applies to garages, which often can have grime and grease lurking in odd corners. You might be happy with having grease on your car, but do you want it on your priceless stamp collection?

At the end of the day, it’s your house and your storage, and we’re certainly not going to tell you what you can do with your stuff! But if you really want your valuables to remain valuable long into the future, a self-storage unit is a pretty safe bet.