After the honeymoon – how to store your wedding items

This post was originally written for a storage company and can be seen here.

The peak wedding season is now over and brides everywhere are hanging up their dresses to smile at and muse over for years to come. But how do you make sure those memories last? Here’s some tips on how to store items from your wedding – whether you’re keeping them as keepsakes, for the family or simply because you cannot bring yourself to give them away.

Get it cleaned

Your dress and any other fabric items should be cleaned after your big day. It doesn’t matter if you kept it absolutely tip top throughout the wedding. Even if you managed to avoid any wedding cake being smashed on it or sticky children’s fingers – if you want your dress to last, you’ll have to get it professionally seen to. The sooner the better, so as you leave on your honeymoon, book your dress (and other items) into their very own dry cleaning spa!

Box it up

Boxes will help keep your items safe from dust, moths and other nasties. Box up your wedding dress and any other items in sturdy cardboard boxes. Boxes should then be sealed to limit discolouration.

Luckily, a professional wedding dress cleaning company will take care of this for you. With your other items, simply wrap anything fragile in bubble wrap and newspaper, and place everything in appropriately labelled boxes.

Store in a cool, dark place

These instructions don’t just apply to groceries, it seems, but also your wedding items! Make sure you store your precious items in a place that’s cold, dark and dry. Avoid your musky attic or greasy garage! If you don’t have somewhere, consider getting yourself a self-storage unit.

Set a date

You know how it was oh-so-important to have a date set for your wedding? Well set one for your wedding dress as well. Every six months, make sure you check on your dress and other items to make sure they are still in good shape. If they’re not? Get yourself to a professional who can help with any discolouration and other issues.

Weddings might last a day but the memories will last you a lifetime. Make sure your items stay in good shape too by storing them all correctly!

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