What on Earth are nano-influencers?!

Influencers. Heard of them? Most probably. Influencer marketing is big business, worth an estimated $1.6 billion on Instagram alone. Influencers command fees of anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks to hundreds of thousands of dollars (Kim Kardashian reportedly charges over $250,000 per post). This puts influencer marketing out of many small business’ marketing budgets. Even if you can afford a couple of hundred on a post, many small business owners would feel that the money could be better spent elsewhere…

Rise of the nano-influencer

This is where nano-influencers come in. In that intro, I was talking about people with a million or so followers. Then there’s micro-influencers who have a few thousand followers. They’re still out of reach for many small businesses. But nano-influencers aren’t.

A nano-influencer might not have that many followers, but they are extremely loyal. They’re an everyday person, usually with friends and family following them online. That means their opinion is extremely authentic.

Something which is needed when nearly every influencer has #spon and #ad on their posts. People are sick of advertising and are starting to turn off influencers. But everyone listens to recommendations from their friends and family.

Working with nano-influencers

Getting a nano-influencer to fall in love with your brand, could pay off massively in the long run. If you have a social media presence already, then you’ve probably got a few hidden in your followers.

Discover them. Scour the Internet for positive reviews of your business. See who those reviewers are. See who loyally posts images of your products on their social media. Find out who regularly comments on your posts. These are your nano-influencers.

Listen to what they’re saying about your brand. This will give you valuable insights for your marketing and business strategy. Give them the space they need to talk about your products and services with their peers. Don’t jump into their conversations all the time, but do chime in occasionally if what you want to say is going to be valuable.

Share their content where appropriate. Retweet them, or ask to use their images on your own channel. Don’t take all of their stuff, but do give them some exposure through your own social media.

Reward them for their loyalty. That could be exclusive products, discounts, a meeting with the marketing team to discuss future plans… anything that lets them know that they are valued by your business.

Nano-influencers are loyal customers and happy to talk about you online. It’s the social media equivalent of word-of-mouth. Engaging with nano-influencers doesn’t cost a lot and will pay off in the long run. So, take a look at your followers today and discover the unsung heroes who are shouting about your brand.

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